carmen-lamha-bioMs. Lamha is a dynamic trainer with hands-on experience increasing the number of women in technology classrooms, having achieved impressive results in her own Computer Networking Information Technology (CNIT) department at the City College of San Francisco. Her many credentials and accomplishments include:

Co-Principal Investigator of the CalWomenTech Project, a five-year National Science Foundation grant awarded to IWITTS. Through the Project, CNIT, which Ms. Lamha chaired during the Project, pioneered better strategies and practices for recruiting, retaining and serving women. Her department experienced a significant increase both in recruiting and retaining women in targeted programs -- initial recruitment rates jumped from 18% to 30%; in fall 2010 completion rates increased from 64% to 86%. The enrollment rate for female students averaged out to 26% over the entire CalWomenTech Project -- an increase of 46% from baseline -- and the average completion rate came to 79% -- an increase of 23% from baseline. The retention of male students also increased by 7% on average during the CalWomenTech Project.