A step-by-step guide for getting promoted up the ranks by retired Police Chief Karin Montejo, PhD.


Are you a female in the law enforcement field looking to advance up the ranks? Do you have the qualifications, but are worried about the obstacles between you and a promotion?

Learn about the promotional process from a retired female police chief with decades of experience in "Women Cops: Positioning Yourself for Promotion, A Step by Step Guide for Getting Promoted up the Ranks."
Women Cops: Positioning Yourself for Promotion


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Women Cops - Positioning Yourself for Promotion:

About the Step-by-Step Guide:

Written by retired Police Chief Karin Montejo, PhD, this 58-page guide is divided into two sections. View the Table of Contents (PDF).

Section One discusses obstacles for women in law enforcement and provides insights on how to handle them. Some of the advice includes how to overcome negative views of women taking maternity leave, how to find female law enforcement mentors, how to avoid stereotypical job assignments often given to women, and how to handle the ever pervasive "good ole boy network." This section walks you through all these obstacles and more, and provides strategies to keep them from becoming an impediment to your success.

Section Two provides an overview of the typical promotional processes used by law enforcement agencies, with particular attention paid to concerns women often have. Although each department has its own procedures, these chapters address elements of the promotional process that police departments most commonly utilize. Some topics covered in this section include preparing for the promotional process, written exam preparation, a review of assessment formats, and what happens after the promotional process is completed.

Much of the research for this book was done for Montejo's doctoral dissertation, Success Factors of Women Who Have Achieved Positions of Command in Law Enforcement. Her national study provides insights on the impact of job assignments, tenure, mentoring, education/training, and maternity leave on promotion.

About the Author:

Chief (Ret.) Karin Montejo is a 30-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department. During this time she was assigned as the Division Chief for the Administration and Technology Division, Major of the Domestic Crimes Bureau, District Commander for the Kendall District, and the Major of the Sexual Crimes Bureau. She has also completed her PhD. in Global Leadership with a specialization in Corporate and Organizational Management from Lynn University; received her Master of Science in Public Administration from St. Thomas University, and her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Florida. She is also a graduate from the Southern Police Institute (SPI) for Police Executives.

Chief Montejo was an instructor for the Miami-Dade Police Department. She currently provides training for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). As the Principal of Montejo Consulting, Inc., Karin Montejo is committed to providing training to assist women in policing to be competitive in the promotional process.

She has been recognized by the National Center for Women in Policing, receiving their "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" Award. In March, 2004, she was honored by Miami-Dade County for her accomplishments receiving the "In Celebration of Women" Award.

Women Cops: Positioning Yourself for Promotion


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Item #: PODW037

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