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This video, with accompanying instructor’s guide, familiarizes students with tools used in carpentry.

Women tend to come to trades courses with less experience using tools informally and can therefore find tool identification difficult. This video will help your female (and male) students be more successful in your trades classes.
Tools of the Trade Video: Inside the Carpenter's Toolbox


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Item #: EDV101

Inside the Carpenter’s Toolbox Video:

This 19-minute video opens the carpenter’s “toolbox” and shows your female (and male) students how carpenters turn building materials into buildings.

Students will learn about the tools and construction materials carpenters depend on every day. After a rundown on manufactured wood products like plywood, OSB, I-beam joists and glu-lams as well as the fasteners that hold them all together, the video covers a variety of carpentry tools divided into four groups: planning and drawing, measuring and marking, cutting and shaping and fastening and assembly. Types of carpenters -- rough, finish and general -- are also discussed, and safety is reinforced throughout. The DVD concludes by highlighting resources that are available to those interested in becoming carpenters.

The DVD comes with a downloadable instructor’s guide featuring educational standards, vocabulary, discussion questions and project ideas for your students!

Topics Covered

  • Rough Carpenters and Finish Carpenters
  • General Contractors
  • Carpentry Materials
  • Construction Fasteners
  • Carpentry Safety Precautions
  • Four Stages of Construction
  • Planning and Drawing Tools
  • Measuring and Marking Tools
  • Cutting and Shaping Tools
  • Assembly and Fastening Tools
  • Experience and Education in Carpentry

Instructor's Guide

The 16-page instructor’s guide helps you prepare your students before they view the video, assist them as they view it and present follow-up activities to reinforce the key learning objectives:

  • Identify and understand basic safety standards within general carpentry.
  • Identify and understand proper use of building materials including wood building materials, fasteners and adhesives.
  • Demonstrate proper use and maintenance of basic carpenter’s tools, including the many hand- and power-operated tools used by carpenters, including power-actuated fasteners.
  • Be able to explore and analyze carpentry opportunities.

Video Clip Note

While the narrator and demonstrators are mostly male, this DVD will help all of your students, female and male, develop the basic introductory skills they need to succeed.

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Tools of the Trade Video: Inside the Carpenter's Toolbox


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Item #: EDV101

Video Details:

Run time: 19 minutes total.
Grade level: High School, Two-Year College
Format: DVD
Note: This DVD and Instructor’s Guide correlate to all National CTE Organizational Standards (including the provisions of the Perkins Act.)

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