Role Model Videos: 35 Career Options for Women


Sample clip: Role models like this IT technician inspire your female students to see themselves in technology careers

Inspire women and girls to see themselves in technology, engineering and trades careers.

Female role models help get these careers on the radar screens of women and girls because they're able to see someone who looks like them on the job, especially in a lab or field setting.

Each 24-minute video uses on-the-job footage, and reveals the personal experiences and insights of successful women in technology and trades occupations. Each DVD includes three 8-minute video segments with three different role models.

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Order these career videos for your school, library, counseling center and outreach campaigns. Help women and girls picture themselves in these rewarding careers and increase the number of female students in your programs!

Role Model Videos: 35 Career Options for Women (Full Set)


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Item #: EDV41


Video details:

Run time: 24 minutes total, including three segments of approximately 8 minutes each.
Format: DVD. Closed-captioned.
Year: 2006
Note: Videos are interspersed with Canadian salary and labor statistics, which are similar to the numbers in the United States.
Policies: There is a no-return policy on these videos.
Grade Level: Middle School, High School, Two-Year College, Four-Year University

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