Support and Strategy
A Roadmap for Implementation

donna-milgram-executive-director-cropDear NSF WomenTech Educators Community,

I'm so excited to unveil our new Support and Strategy options to you. We are providing you with a variety of methods to ensure that you leave this training with an excellent recruitment and retention plan that will provide you with an effective road map for implementation.

With these Support and Strategy options, you’ll get answers to your specific questions from me and from your colleagues.  You’ll have help to brainstorm, strategize and troubleshoot, so you’re totally prepared to jump into action to implement your recruitment and retention plans. Plus, we have some special gifts to thank you for being an important member of our community.

I look forward to connecting with you in the three different ways described below!


Support and Strategy

Required activities for community members:
  1. Attend at least two of four live group calls. (But we would love to have you live on all four group calls!)
  2. Participate in the asynchronous online learning community. All members of our community are required to post their recruitment and retention plans on the forum in our online learning community.
Fellowship participants must complete the required activities above.  Only those who complete the required activities will receive their certificates of completion.

Optional activities for community members:
  1. 16 members of our community will have the opportunity to present their plans live during a  group call for feedback from Donna Milgram and from other community members.
  2. 6 members of our community will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one 30 minute phone consultation with Donna Milgram.

Our thank you gifts to you:
Members of the community who present their recruitment or retention plan during a live group call will receive a Women in Technology Outreach Kit as a thank you gift.  Everyone who attends the live group calls will also receive  a Women in STEM Resources Bibliography as a gift.

Sign up now
- March 1 deadline

Call details and sign-up
  • Two of the Support and Strategy group calls are dedicated to recruitment, and two are dedicated to retention.
  • On each call, four members of the community will present their plans and receive feedback from Donna Milgram and other community members.
  • Calls will be one hour in length and you will receive a local dial-in number.
  • Each participant is required to attend two calls, however we recommend attending all four.
  • Everyone who attends a live group call will receive a Women in STEM Resources Bibliography as a gift.
  • Call times will be based on poll outcomes and you will be notified of the date and time.
  • Please note all times are in PST.
  • Sign up by March 1, 2013.
Recruitment Call One Recruitment Call Two
Retention Call One
Retention Call Two


Presenter sign-up (Limited only 16 spots)

There are 16 openings for presentations during the group calls. The first 16 people to sign up will get to present, receive feedback from Donna Milgram and other members of the community, and receive a free Women in Technology Outreach Kit, a $150 value, following their plan presentation. You will be notified if you will be presenting your plan, and the date and time of your call, by the end of February.

Sign up to present your recruitment or retention plan on a group call

Please sign up by March 1, 2013.

One-on-One Calls: Limited opportunity

There are 6 openings of 30 minutes each for one-on-one calls with Donna Milgram.  You can use your call with Donna to discuss your recruitment or retention plan, get help with brainstorming or troubleshooting on implementation, or get answers to questions that are specific for your program or situation.

These calls will fill up quickly, so don't hesitate! If you see fewer than six times available, that's because others have already signed up. If there are no times available and you would like a call, use the messaging system to let us know and we will add you to the waiting list if there is a cancellation.

Sign up for a one-on-one call with Donna Milgram

Please sign up by March 1, 2013.

Online Forums

The Online Learning Community includes asynchronous online forums dedicated to recruitment and retention where you can refine your plans with the help of feedback from Donna Milgram and other training participants. All fellowship participants are required to submit their plans in the online forum.

I will be selecting the group's top three plans for recruitment and the top three plans for retention as an example to others. Those selected will be featured in our community and receive the Women in Technology Outreach Kit as a gift.

Go to the recruitment plan online forum
Go to the retention plan online forum

If you have any questions about support and strategy please do not hesitate to contact us at seminars at  so we can be of service.

nsf-logoThe CalWomenTech Scale Up Project is funded by the Advanced Technological Education Program and the Program for Research on Gender in Science and Engineering from The National Science Foundation - Grant no. 1102996