Attend the WomenTech Educators Online Training to Learn How You Can Gain up to 25-50% Female STEM Enrollment in Just One Year


WomenTech Educators Online Training

Starts October 3, 2016

Community colleges that have implemented the strategies participants learn through this program have seen remarkable results: 5 of 7 colleges started enrolling an average of 4.8 more female students in their STEM courses and 6 of 7 increased female retention from an average baseline of 58% to 100% in only 8 months.

The Online Training fills quickly:

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In this video, your trainer Donna Milgram shares 3 best practices for effective outreach events – and what not to do – so you can get started recruiting more women to STEM:

What Educators Are Saying About the Training

“Donna is so passionate about her work it shows. That passion is infectious and can only serve to close the digital divide.“

84% Knowledge Increase Online Training ChartSource: Participants in WomenTech Educators Online Training. External evaluator's report to the National Science Foundation for the CalWomenTech Scale-Up Project.

You Will Learn:

Training Participant

Attend the WomenTech Educators Training from the comfort of your own desk.

Females in STEM: Key Factors for Recruitment

✓ Top three recruitment strategies & how to put them to use
✓ How to adopt a program-wide “female friendly” recruitment approach
✓ How to communicate the benefits of STEM at each stage of the recruitment process
✓ Effective strategies to involve faculty & staff in your recruiting effort

Gender Diversity in STEM: Boosting Enrollment & Implementing New Culture

✓ Barriers to recruiting women into STEM & how to overcome them
✓ How to identify your target audience for recruitment and low-hanging fruit
✓ Success in STEM: See actionable examples of successful STEM programs

Strategies to Keep STEM Students on Course & Improve Graduation Rates

✓ How to make female students feel welcome and what not to do
✓ Ways to bolster confidence in STEM students to ensure success
✓ Strategies to help your female students be successful in the lab
✓ Building block skills to help close the experience gap

Addressing the STEM Challenge: Appeal to Women Who Aren't Excited by STEM

✓ How faculty can teach to female learning styles
✓ How to connect students with female role models & create community
✓ An "ah-ha" moment on spatial reasoning - what you need to know

Build a Leadership Team Model for Women in STEM: Strategies for Success

✓ Ways to partner with faculty, administrators, student services & others
✓ No educator is an island: How to work together & boost STEM retention
✓ Top 3 qualities of an effective Leadership Team & how to employ them

Download a sample letter to gain support (DOC).
Download WomenTech Educators Online Training Brochure to learn more and share with others in your institution (PDF).

You Will Take Away:

  1. An easy-to-implement recruitment plan to greatly increase the number of women and girls in your STEM classrooms.
  2. A retention plan for your school to increase the completion rate of your female (and male students), starting this semester.
  3. The knowledge and confidence you need to put these plans into action right away, and free bonus tools that will help you be even more successful. (See Bonuses section below.).
  4. Results: Community colleges that have implemented the strategies participants learn through this program have seen remarkable results: 5 of 7 colleges started enrolling an average of 4.8 more female students in their STEM courses and 6 of 7 increased female retention from an average baseline of 58% to 100% in only 8 months.
Schedule and What's Involved:

Training starts October 3, 2016. Register Now
Time period: 1-week orientation, 5 weeks on recruitment
(Oct 10 - Nov 13), 4 weeks on retention (Nov 14 - Dec 18), and 1-week break for Thanksgiving holiday.
Hours required: 1 hour per week + developing YOUR recruitment and retention action plans.
Training format: Presentations, handouts & exercises online, available to watch and complete at your convenience each week.
NEW - Live Calls with Your Trainer: Including Question & Answer, Team-Building Orientation, Module #1 Laser Coaching, and Recruitment and Retention Plan Feedback Calls.
Archives: All calls and sessions recorded and emailed out the next day.
NEW - Support on Recruitment and Retention Plan implementation after the training ends.

Continuing Education Credit:

Fresno Pacific University is now offering one unit of continuing education credit to online training participants! Note: You can sign up for the continuing education credit starting four weeks in advance of training.

Overview of 2016 Online Training Schedule

Visual Overview of the WomenTech Educators Online Training

Register Before *Improved* Online Training Fills Up:

What’s included in the newly-improved Online Training:

  • 8 powerful video modules with accompanying handouts and assignments that build to create your custom Recruitment and Retention Action Plans
  • NEW: Orientation week with a call just for your team plus a chance to win prizes
  • Extensive, customized feedback just for your team, including:
    • NEW: Now 7+ hours of calls with Donna so your team receives personal support from day 1 of the online training through implementation
    • NEW: Module #1 Laser Coaching Call just for your team on the #1 most important aspect of your Recruitment Plan
    • Written, customized feedback on your Recruitment and Retention Action Plans and your Personal Encouragement Conversation and Welcoming Conversations
    • 2 live Question and Answer Calls with Donna
    • NEW: Support from Donna, even six months after the training ends! Team calls AND help with implementation of your Recruitment and Retention Action Plans
  • Bonuses: Women in Technology Outreach Kit and Hard to Find Women in STEM Classroom Resources for all team members (up to $1850 value)


Recommended Team (6-10 people): $5700

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Enrollment Open NOW For A Limited Time Only!

New Team Support Calls and Customized Feedback led to AMAZING results from the online training in 2015!

We’ve unlocked the proven path to increasing the number of female students in your STEM program. Community colleges in our National Science Foundation-funded February 2015 online training group have seen remarkable results: 5 of 7 colleges started enrolling an average of 4.8 more female students in their STEM courses and 6 of 7 increased female retention from an average baseline of 58% to 100% in only 8 months.


A Georgia community college that went from only 1 female student in an introductory Emerging Technology course to 15 of 17 students just one semester after the online training.

A Massachusetts community college that went from 1 female student in manufacturing to 9 out of 13 students in its introductory course the next semester. Plus, 100% of the female students were retained!

NEVER let anyone tell you again that nothing can be done, or that making change happen for female students in your STEM program will take decades or require a huge budget. We have the evidence to prove your institution can start seeing real increases in as little as one year!

In light of these groundbreaking results, I’ve updated the WomenTech Educators Online Training so that all schools get the same benefits as our successful NSF-funded model. I'm excited to announce that we can now provide this same level of support for your school--your team will be getting access to 6 new calls with me, significantly more individualized feedback, and help with the implementation of your plans in the 6 months after the online training ends. Plus your team now gets an orientation call and a Laser Coaching Call on the #1 most important aspect of your Recruitment Plan. I know this proven model can help your team see the same kinds of successful results that as schools in our NSF-funded online training!

This training is designed to provide you with a roadmap that will enable you to achieve your goals and because the training is over twelve weeks, you will receive support for implementation of your plan strategies.

We are committed to helping educators succeed in creating a gender balance in STEM. Once you have achieved results in increasing the number of female students in your programs, you may be featured in case studies or webinars to highlight your team’s accomplishments while inspiring other educators!

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Enrollment Open NOW For A Limited Time Only!

The Power of Teams:

Teams communicate as a single voice during the program. While team members may watch modules individually, the team joins together weekly to synthesize and apply the information into a group assignment. These assignments build to create full Recruitment and Retention Action Plans by the end of the training.

Experience and research show that participating as a team sets you up to be successful and see results. Over 5 NSF-funded projects and 20 years of offering professional development, we have found that educators who work in teams develop stronger Women in STEM Recruitment and Retention Action Plans, are able to get the support they need to start implementing those plans right away, and are more likely to institutionalize lasting change.

Some of the many benefits of participating as a team:

  • Team participation enhances and encourages engagement in the online training and the practical application of training content.
  • The more people you can train in your department, region, or state, the more likely you are to see significant increases in female students, as well as lasting institutional change.
  • Team members support each other using a common educational language and framework. The team facilitates cross-departmental relationships and institutional change, providing benefits that go far beyond the training itself.

What WomenTech Educator Participants Said About Their Teams in the Training:

“We have a fabulous team. So many people have different varied areas of expertise. We meet Wednesday mornings and everybody is energized and works hard.”

~ Patti Williams, Faculty, Surveying & Mapping Technologies, Mid-west College

Who Should Be on Your Team:
Your team will be the most effective if it includes a variety of stakeholders from your college dedicated to increasing the number of female students in the targeted STEM program. In our experience, a Women in STEM Leadership Team with 6-10 members sets a school up to be successful from the start.

Recommended core team members:

  • Dean or Chair of the Department of the targeted program (recommended)
  • Director of the Technology Center (or equivalent if applicable)
  • Principal Investigator of grant (if applicable)
  • Dean of Instruction
  • Minimum of two instructors in targeted technology courses (highly recommended)
  • If you have math prerequisites for core targeted courses, a math administrator
  • Outreach & Recruitment Director/Staff
  • Curriculum Developer
  • STEM Coordinator
  • Learning Center Director/Staff
  • Counselor, Advisor
  • Workforce Development Director
  • Research & Planning Officer
  • Other key stakeholders

Contact us to meet with a Women in STEM Strategy specialist to discuss the online training and the best team members to help your school meet its goals for broadening participation.

Download a sample "Join My Team" letter to recruit team members (DOC).


The more educators who are trained, in your school, the more effective you will be!

About Your Trainer: Donna Milgram

Milgram speaking at US DOE Symposium

Learn directly from Executive Director Donna Milgram, the creator of the WomenTech Educators Training

Donna Milgram is the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science (IWITTS), a national nonprofit organization founded in 1994 that provides educators with a roadmap to increasing the number of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math.

  • Ms. Milgram developed the WomenTech Educators Training to help educators nationwide increase the number of women in their technology programs.
  • A nationally recognized expert on closing the gender gap for women and girls in STEM, Ms. Milgram has personally conducted hundreds of WomenTech Educators Trainings in 46 states and Canada.
  • She is the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations including the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Women in Engineering Proactive Network (WEPAN). Recent presentation highlights include:
    • U.S. Department of Education, Moving STEM Forward in the Career, Technical and Adult Symposium;
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Challenging Technical Privilege Symposium Panel; and,
    • Engineering for Kids Conference (Keynote Presenter).  

  • Donna has been featured in the media on CNN, Fox Morning News, C-Span, and National Public Radio, and has been quoted in major newspapers such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, and more.
  • An innovative leader, Donna Milgram draws upon over 21 years of experience leading successful projects. The recent CalWomenTech Project was highlighted by the National Science Foundation for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness and chosen as 1 of 3 model projects by the American Association of University Women.

What Educators Are Saying About the Training:


"The training was time well spent. It was such a minimal amount of time to get so many concrete implementable strategies. The WomenTech Educators Online Training gives you the most for your money—you can implement the tools immediately with minimal resources and see true quantitative results!"

~ Phyllis Baca, Director of STEM Initiatives, Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe, NM


"We have the first three women in our Auto Technology Program and really want to make sure they succeed. After participating in the WomenTech Educator’s online training, we created additional open lab time for them, realizing they may need extra time to develop hands-on skills in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Two months into the course they are still with us. I learned so much about retention from the online training, I decided our entire Engineering and Technology Department could benefit and we are bringing the online training to our school and rolling it out to all of the technical faculty over the next two years."

~ Van Madray, Dean of Construction and Industrial Technology Division, Pitt Community College, Winterville, NC


"Attending the WomenTech Educators training was the best decision I have made in a long time! During the training, I developed a recruitment and retention plan for one of the CIS programs. This is not a training where you consider doing “something” when you get back to your office, you are actually developing and obtaining feedback from other colleagues on what they have done and how you can improve your plan before implementation! Plus, I will be able to take my experience and work on other programs of study using the same framework."

~ Edna Quintana Claus, Ph.D., M.B.A., CIS Division Director, Texas State Technical College Harlingen, Texas


"The WomenTech Educators Online Training has the potential to change the way you view your program. Important data is presented with passion and humor. I want you to know I have gained a great deal from the course. By the time you have a graduate degree and have worked in education for decades, most "professional development" is repetitive. I can honestly say that you have given me much to think about and that it will result in changes to my approach to course development."

~ Lauran Sattler, Department Chair, Computer Information Systems, Ivy Tech Community College, President's Award for Instructional Excellence 2007, Warsaw, IN


"The online training was very manageable because it was asynchronous. I'm always teaching an overload, but you watch the training videos at your leisure, and participate as you're able. Because of that I was able to integrate the training into my very busy schedule."

~ Dr. Cynthia V. Marcello, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems, SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, NY


"I learned a lot of new methods and perspectives on retention I did not have before and I've already started making changes on how I do things here at my school! The WomenTech Educators Online Training was a content-filled and highly informative training program."

~ Antigone Sharris, Full-time Faculty & Program Coordinator, Engineering Technology Program, Triton College, River Grove, IL

See the full list of testimonials

Two FREE Gifts When You Enroll Your Team Now:


Hard to Find Women in STEM Classroom Resources:

We've made it easy for educators to find online role model resources that will help women and girls see themselves in all career pathways. Also, this downloadable guide includes sample curriculums and websites that teach STEM in a female-friendly way. Don't miss this; it will save STEM educators many hours of researching on their own.

Sample Resource: Dot Divas are young women that believe in the potential of computing to make a better world. The Dot Diva website offers female role model profiles, examples of how computing can be used in many careers, and a webisode video featuring a young female role model. Parents and educators can find advice for talking to young women about computing, messages and images that work to spark their interest, downloadable recruitment materials (a Dot Diva poster, brochure, and flyer), and female role model videos on YouTube.

image1 200

Women in Technology Outreach Kit:

It's challenging to develop outreach materials that really work to recruit women to STEM! To help schools we have developed this easy-to-use kit with examples and templates for Women in STEM program brochure, program flyer, event flyer, recruitment PowerPoint presentation, and school website section that all include female role models. These materials were tested with 8 schools that were successful in recruiting more female students to STEM.

The female role model questionnaire alone is worth its weight in gold with the key questions and follow up questions to ask those hard-to-find female role models and how to elicit an inspirational quote from a women in STEM. Based on hundreds of interviews with STEM stars, you won’t want to miss this.

Don Levine

"For a long time, we heard from educators, 'Well, we can't find any girls who WANT to be welders'- but now, there's an increased perception that supporting female students in male-dominated careers is a much bigger deal, and there are resources available that can give all students a better ability to explore and pursue their interests. IWITTS materials like the STEM bibliography and Outreach Kit are a huge part of the resources we can offer to districts to help them serve their students. It's not just about Perkins compliance anymore."

~ Don Levine, CTE Education Specialist, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development

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Enrollment Open NOW For A Limited Time Only!





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